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Do you remember the last few days of the school year when you were a kid? There wasn’t much in terms of classes and lectures. Oftentimes you watched more videos than normal, right? The hope was that you would watch a video and maybe learn something.

Well, consider today like one of those days. Earlier today we showed you the videos on the search updates Google announced yesterday. Well, there were more updates but this time it had to do with mobile search. So sit back and relax and watch a couple of videos from the Google Mobile blog that do a fine job explaining what these updates do to improve the mobile search experience.

In addition, another feature has been added which helps build searches more efficiently in in the mobile world of small screens and even smaller keyboards.

These are heady days for Google. As they continue to try to stay ahead in search and tread water in the social realm no on can accuse them of being stagnant.

What’s your take on these improvement from the search behemoth.