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In May, Google became the first web property to have one billion unique visitors. According to comScore, Microsoft clocked around 905 million visitors, and had 713.6 million visitors.

McDonalds is still the reigning champ!

Can you even imagine a billion of anything? It looks like this in numbers: 1,000,000,000. Outside of North America, this is often referred to as One Thousand Million. One billion pennies stacked equals the height and length of five school buses, and “a piece of finely woven bed sheet cloth that contained a billion holes would measure about 500 square feet, large enough to cover a moderate sized apartment.”

That’s a lot of anything, but there’s a hidden downside. The Google number represents an 8.4% growth, but competitors Microsoft and Facebook have higher growth percentages. Facebook’s growth was 30%. Does this mean Facebook will eventually overtake Google? I hope not and probably not.

As with any new thing, growth comes in cycles. Right now Facebook is hot and still growing strong, but as it settles in, the growth rate should decline. Then a new, fresh-faced darling will pop up and start eroding the user base. Hey, we never thought it would happen to MySpace, but here we are.

So happy “One Billion” to Google and we wish them many more. We’re now placing our bets on when they’ll hit the trillion mark, because honestly, a billion is so yesterday.

  • How might I go about getting 1 billion hits on my blog?

    • Cynthia Boris

      Hard work, luck and a little magic my friend

  • I think we are too afraid of seeing slow growth. We get used to seeing companies like Facebook grow at a ridiculous rate, than panic when that starts to dip. Sooner or later every company’s growth has to level out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.