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Google continues to try to make Google Places the best place on the web to get business information. Hotpot is now integrated and in a blog post from the Places blog, Google tells of its efforts to make these listings even more descriptive by using common phrases from across the web to tell about each place.

Starting today, Google Maps search results in the U.S. and Great Britain will include some of the phrases, which are most frequently used to describe those places. These phrases come from sources all across the web, such as reviews, web pages and other online references, and they can help people quickly identify the characteristics that make a particular place unique. It’s like an opportunity to ask the business owner or its patrons “What’s good here?” or “What do most people get here?”

Anything that can abbreviate just how much is needed to get a feel for a business is critical for the web as we move forward. With information overload being a very real problem the true communications online will take place with fewer words. Google is looking to make that a reality. It makes sense since Google doesn’t really like to talk to people directly, it can now help everyone to avoid each other while figuring out where to go next 🙂 .

Here a couple of examples from the Google blog

This may seem like a simple move but these words could be the reason why someone chooses to click through to the full Place Page which, if the business owner has done his or her homework, could give the information that turns into revenue. In this highly competitive world every little bit helps.