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Google Places Now Gives “Best Ever” Medal Option to Reviewers

Google keeps trying to make sure that it’s as easy as possible to rate and review a business in Google Places so it can establish this offering as the “go to” in business directories.

The latest effort is the option to award a “Best Ever” medal to your favorite business. You only get 10 of these to play with (which you can update and replace as you go). Below is a video from the Google Places blog where the Goog’s Professor Emoji (I don’t get it either) explains the option.

  • Nyagoslav

    Hey Frank,

    The best ever medals are actually available for quite some time now (at least for 6 months now – check this up:

    Regarding the “Emoji” word – it’s actually very famous “tech slang” in Japan (I’ve worked and live there) – these are the emoticons that you put in text messages and in Japan their number and the times they use it in a single SMS is scary… Well, Japanese like “kawaii” things. Anyway, I’m not that sure why the Google Places community team likes so much the Asian culture (first the “hotpot”, then “Mr Emoji”) :)

    My two cents.

    • Frank Reed

      Thanks for the update.

      Apparently what Google is doing is reintroducing the world to the features they have rolled out practically in secret in the past. Now with the integration of Hotpot and Places these features should get more interest.