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I have been the managing editor of Marketing Pilgrim for the past six months and I have learned a lot.

First, it’s a lot easier just writing for a popular blog. You can create a post and send it in and not have to worry about too much (unless, of course, the editor finds the post to be, well, lacking or if he just finds that it sucks out loud).

As the managing editor, though, I also have business responsibility of Marketing Pilgrim but, honestly, that’s fun. I get to talk to some pretty cool folks who are into the Internet marketing world in a big way. They are excited so I get excited with them. It’s fun, it’s informative and it’s never dull. If you want to talk to me about being a business partner of MP please start the conversation here. I would love to create a solution that works for us both.

Now, here’s the part I could live without with regard to managing a blog. The fact that everyone and their brother thinks I should be honored that they blindly sent me a demand / request for Marketing Pilgrim to either A) pay attention to their story (PR types) or B) accept a guest post. I would like to address these two types individually with some helpful hints as to what to do and what to avoid with regard to helping us out at Marketing Pilgrim.

Notice I said helping us out? It’s not like we don’t want to hear from people. In fact, it’s people who move information around for others to pick up on that can make or break us here. I would love to hear from even more people with ore ideas! We want to hear from everyone but there are some tricks I will share with you that I know work here (which means they may not be worth a hill of beans elsewhere but that’s not my concern 🙂 ).

For PR Types

I really want to hear from you but guess what else? I would like to get to know you as well.

It’s doesn’t have to be in a drawn out online interaction. It could just be some quick exchange acknowledging that we are both human beings and not just cogs in some dysfunctional information machine that has forgotten about the flesh and blood element of life.

Your idea may actually be good but your cookie cutter presentation is uninteresting and bland.

I think a lot of PR folks are doing a disservice to their clients by simply throwing stuff over the fence and waiting for someone to catch on. I know this isn’t new ground but since it still happens around the clock I suppose either folks aren’t listening or they simply need a reminder.

Bloggers and their readers like pictures

Hey, I admit it. I like pictures. So do our readers. If you send me a press release with 500 words and no graphical representation of your data or story, your chances of being considered shrink considerably.

Easy on the arrogance

I don’t personally buy the approach that many take which is to try to make me feel stupid if I don’t do something about your information. Sure, I know it’s important to you but until we have some relationship in place you are just like the boy who cried wolf. Your claims of world changing news sound so shrill and commonplace that I wouldn’t know if something really was important because I have, in effect, tuned you out.

Now information for aspiring guest bloggers

Use the garage please! (UPDATE: As of October 1, 2011 the garage’s doors have been closed)

We have set up for literally anyone to submit a guest post that could at the very least reside there or even possibly get ‘picked up’ for the main blog. Use it please! Don’t think it’s a spammer’s paradise though. Too many links and obvious SEO tricks mean you don’t even get to park in the garage. We know what you’re up to!

For the love of Pete, stop acting like it would be an honor for us to use one of your posts!

Confidence quickly turns into arrogance and arrogance is not attractive. Let us decide together if this would work or not.

Please stop trying to butter me up and thinking that’s going to help your cause.

What helps get you noticed here at Marketing Pilgrim is a good clean, crisp message that has no fluff and provides information that would be useful to our most valuable asset: our readers. Trying to butter me up is a time waster for us both.

If your great post has been posted elsewhere then we are not interested. Period.

If you are not willing to create something that is unique for Marketing Pilgrim then please don’t even bother pitching us. The last thing we need to do is look like one of those crappy scraper sites that re-uses content for our advantage. There is no advantage to us if we are simply reprinting something from somewhere else.

Timing is everything

Sometimes it will feel like it is so easy to be considered for a guest post. The reason? We are in need of content that is about Internet marketing. It’s that easy. Got an interesting take on a hot issue in Internet marketing? Write about it. You may be surprised.

Be ready and follow through

It’s amazing how many times I will start the conversation with a guest blogger then find out that they can’t produce anything for weeks into the future. If you are not ready to do something within a few days then don’t ask. It’ll save us both time.

Oh and following through is incredibly important. There is no better way to never be considered for anything in the future than saying that you are going to have something ready by a certain date but you don’t follow through. That’s bad policy anywhere in life so we are no different.

Targeted content is everything

At least take the time to consider what we do at Marketing Pilgrim and the subject matter we like to give to our audience. I get people who want to write about things that are simply off topic. It’s easy really. PAY ATTENTION.

Join the conversation

If you are a regular commenter and you have some input into what conversations occur around the content at Marketing Pilgrim, you are first in line to be considered for a guest post.

There’s more but I won’t waste your time right now. I hope you see where I am coming from. As the managing editor of Marketing Pilgrim I am concerned about optimizing the blog for our readers. Good content leads to more readers, which leads to a better experience for everyone.

So, whether you are a PR type or you want to write for us here at MP just remember that we are people too. We like to know a little something about the folks we have sitting at the table with us even if it’s just for a short time. We’re funny that way.

So if you made it this far, congratulations. I hope this helps everyone get closer to being on the same page. If it doesn’t then it will be business as usual. Just don’t be offended if it looks like we don’t’ care because now you know the reasons why we do!

  • I just cracked Google’s Algo. Call me in the next 15 secs or I’m taking the story to Bing. You need this info. Okay, just kidding.

    Good tips. Of course, sadly those that need to read it probably won’t. A lot of it is simply common sense. Bad Marketing 101 unfortunately seems too often to remove common sense from the equation.

  • Common sense, JumboCD man, is never assumed by me any more. I know how stupid I can be. I am often amazed that there are people who can actually out-stupid me on a regular basis. That’s scary.

    Thanks for checking in!

    Got an Internet marketing post in ya for guest post?

    • Mr.Reed, I like your work. I’d love to have you write about us but I can’t get ahold of your email. Can you help me with that?