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LinkedIn got more than a rise in stock prices when they announced their IPO in May. They also gained 6.7% more users over the prior month. This is especially significant since they showed a 2.5% decline in April.

According to Bloomberg, LinkedIn is now poised to take over the number two spot from MySpace, who had 34.9 million unique users in May compared to LinkedIn’s 33.4. MySpace’s number sounds nice until you see that it’s a 48% decline from the same period in the prior year. Facebook is still number one, but new reports claim that they’re losing ground as well.

Could LinkedIn not only take over the number two spot but move to number one as well? Yes, and no.

While LinkedIn is technically a social media site like Facebook and MySpace, the business aspect of it makes it a whole different animal. People don’t go to LinkedIn to share vacation photos, but they might share a PowerPoint from their last conference and they’re definitely sharing their resumes. There really is no comparison between the sites.

LinkedIn’s new burst of media attention has certainly helped their growth, but it’s more than that. They’re actively working to build a better experience and it’s getting noticed.

For marketers, LinkedIn does offer PPC ads, but simply being active on the site is great exposure.

Facebook may be king when it comes to consumers, entertainment and gaming but if you’re selling B2B, then LinkedIn is already the number one social media site.