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Brands spend billions of dollars marketing to moms. They make commercials, offer coupons and samples and they run active social media campaigns. According to a new White Paper by SheSpeaks and Mom-entum, all those brands really needed to do was turn out a great product.

In a survey of 800 moms, the majority (31%) said they “like” a brand on Facebook because they like the brand in real life. 23% said they came over from a “like” button on a company webpage. Either way, they came in to Facebook because they were already a fan of the product so finding the brand on Facebook was the next step.

Not that moms mind being marketed to. 68% said they were fine with companies reaching out to them as long as the content was relevant. Email was the preferred means of communication (27%) with Facebook (19%) and brand website (15%) coming in under that.

Once a mom is satisfied with a product, 74% say they’ve written about it on Facebook. 62% said their main motivation for sharing was wanting to share a great product experience.

SheSpeaks also found that moms are interested in more than a one-night-coupon-stand with brands. They are interested in having an on-going relationship with brands they can trust and ones that understand their needs.

So, while it’s nice to have a lot of Facebook fans, how many of them are actually talking about your products on their blogs and pages? If the answer is not many, it may not be your marketing but your products that need tweaking.

You can view the entire White Paper for free at

  • wildabriggs

    Whatever the reason these printable coupons or “Printapon” exist and it is valid to use them, although it can skew the marketing research for which they were intended.

  • “Coupons” work! and By creating a Fan Page in Facebook you will know stats of how many like your brand.

  • Interesting and useful survey. I think that moms will be leveraged via Facebook fan pages to share and this is only a plus.

  • There are some good points in there, thanks for posting about that. A lot of people who promote other people’s products and services (myself included) go out of their way to put the products and services in front of moms because they tend to be part of solid demographics that do well for most companies, plus the word of mouth advertising you get from a satisfied customer is worth more than the original cost to acquire that customer. If the majority of these advertisers knew that you could skip the hard part of it by providing a better quality product, I think a lot of middlemen would suddenly become irrelevant.

  • I have also found that mom’s will post on Facebook about products that they don’t like, but the bad experience had to be really bad to post about it. So, if that one person had a horrible experience, you can be sure that her Facebook family and friends will also know about it. In the world of social marketing, word about a really bad product or service will spread like wildfire on a hot, dry day. I’ve also found that moms will post, as you mentioned, about good products and / or services; however, the experience had to be exceptional. Just my perception of those moms I interact with on social networking sites, including myself. In addition, as couponing becomes more and more prevalent in these difficult economic times, (good, super-saving) coupons do attract more interest vs. just an ad to get attention.

  • I agree with Subhakar Rao Coupons do work. And thanks for sharing this survey