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Mountain Dew is getting personal with a new series of ads promoting three discontinued flavors that are back for a limited time. It’s called the “Back by Popular Dewmand” campaign and it’s designed to reward the fans that worked hard to get the product back on the shelf.

It all began at Mountain Dew’s Facebook page where fans were asked to vote on their favorite flavors then back it up with videos and photos. Each flavor had a winner and the winner was treated to a flavor party with their friends. But it doesn’t stop there. Now Mountain Dew is running banner and radio ads that feature the name and likeness of those rabid Dew fans.

John won the “Pitch Black” thanks to his dedicated flavor Facebook fan page. Nathan created YouTube videos for “Live Wire” and then there’s Amelia who has been participating in Mountain Dew events for years.

By putting the fan names and photos front and center in this campaign, Mountain Dew is saying people are more important than product and in turn will sell more product than ever before. Everyone loves to see their name in print, even if it’s virtual print and they’re going to spread the word.

When I was a kid, I got my picture in the paper as part of a promotion for my school’s bookmobile sale. My mother went around and bought up every copy she could find. Now, the moms of John, Nathan and all the rest of the Mountain Dew all-stars only have to click a few times in order to show their support.

You don’t have to create a promotional campaign in order to play the marketing name game. Simply use the name of active Facebook commenters or Twitter followers when you post. Thank them for their participation and praise them for their ideas. I think you’ll find that you can do big things with a little personalization.

Thanks to Adage for the Mountain Dew tip.