Posted June 3, 2011 8:59 am by with 9 comments

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Who wants to provide an explanation as to what just happened in my Google Reader this morning?

I subscribe to the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog’s RSS feed to keep up-to-date with the 2-3 posts the team publish each week. Except this morning, the feed looked like this:

What the fudge?

OK, maybe I’m seeing things. Maybe this is not actually coming from the Google Webmaster Central feed. So, I went to “Manage Subscriptions” to take a look. Nope, it shows the same items, take a look:


OK, I thought, maybe someone found a way to hijack the feed, Maybe China is redirecting Google’s RSS feeds to phishing or spam sites. Well, maybe not, because those new items above all go to the same personal site of a photographer. I’m guess they have no idea that this happened.

So, what did happen? Any ideas?

  • I was thinking the same thing. Maybe that guy works on the Google team and was still logged into that account when he uploaded everything? I’m thinking it’s probably an honest mistake.

    • Did you see the same in your feed?

      • Z

        Yeah, I saw the same thing….a lot of wedding and engagament pictures…

        • Hmm, so this is even more embarrassing for Google. Either Feedburner screwed up, Google Reader did, or someone at Google.

      • I saw the same thing in my feed this morning

    • Got the same thing. Gotta admit they were nice pictures. I actually looked through them all!

  • I saw the same thing this morning. I unsubscribed, then subscribed again to see if it would fix it. This is pretty hilarious. Google, get your act together. With 11K + followers to the webmaster feed, his blog is definitely going to see a spike in traffic.

  • I saw the same thing, so strange. if it was hacked then why not embarrass Google and put something interesting…lets see how about

    Google Is rolling back Panda updates, “total screw up”, says Matt Cutts
    but wedding pics, come on!

  • I got the same thing too, the problem is not fixed yet???