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Whenever we update you on some of the latest job listings I can’t help but recognize just how blessed this whole sector of business is considering our current lackluster economic state of affairs. While other industries continue to feel the pain of the economic conditions the online space offers opportunity that is unparalleled in business today.

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Pew Study Shows Who Uses Twitter

Our favorite research source, the Pew Internet and American Life Project, has completed a study looking at just who uses Twitter. The chart below summarizes the findings.

Of note to marketers should be the popularity and increasing use of Twitter among African-Americans and Hispanics.

In addition, the use among 25-44 year olds has increased which is likely attributable to the increase in mainstream exposure of Twitter in brand advertising. A commercial or ad without the Twitter logo looks conspicuous these days as compared to just a year ago where only the ‘cool kids’ were showing off their social media chops.

For those who started with the service back in 2006 when it was a tech/geek only play today’s Twitter looks nothing like it used to.

Study: Google Trumps Facebook (By A Lot) in First Stop for Online Purchases

Pictures can be worth a thousand words so take a look at the chart below provided by SAI. Bank of America Merrill Lynch conducted a study that found the most common first stop for online buyers is Google.

Of course, it is important to note that this study is about the first step, which is extremely influential in any decision process. If Google places a brand first in the mind of a potential buyer that is a powerful ‘endorsement’.

Does that make Google more influential overall? I have no idea. I suspect though that as people use Google to establish the contenders in a potential purchase they may be using social media options like Facebook to pare down their choices. And who better to help make a hard decision easier than your ‘friends’ of which you really know about three but who’s counting?

Forget Freelancers, Hire The New Yorker to Build Your Facebook Page

With newspaper and magazine ad revenue on the decline, publishers are expanding their repertoire in order to make up the difference. They’re setting up deal sites, selling digital subscriptions and now they’re selling marketing services and not just to ad buyers.

Last week, Conde Nast, publisher of The New Yorker, GQ, Wired and dozens of other magazines, launched a new division called Ideactive. What they’re offering is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs including mobile app development, websites and social media consultations. Companies who advertise with the publisher will get better rates, but they’ll take money from anyone who wants to hire them.

Poytner followed up on this idea and found several more publishers moving in this direction including the Grand Island Independent. If you’re a business in the area, you can pay this small, Nebraskan newspaper to set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for you.

Will +1 Stand a Chance in the War of the Buttons?

Facebook’s Like button is near ubiquitous. Twitter has added a Follow button that allows people to follow an account without leaving the site they are on. I’m not sure that there aren’t more buttons these days than those from the political campaigns of yore (I Like Ike, anyone?).

Google doesn’t want to be left alone and has added its +1 button to the fray by allowing sites to give visitors the option to “+1” a site or page in addition to the ability in the search results.

Here’s Google’s video presentation which it has on the +1 for webmasters page. The video is old and doesn’t even mention the site level button until the end. I guess it’s not important enough to have its own video? C’mon man!

Twitter’s New Button Keeps Followers on Your Site

Getting people to follow you on Twitter is a good thing, but with the old “Follow Me” button users were immediately whisked away from your site and over to Twitter.  To quote Inspector Clouseau, “not any more.”

Twitter’s new “Follow” button allows fans to follow you without ever leaving your website. It’s one click (as long as they’re currently logged in to Twitter) and you’re done.

Twitter’s blog post hones in on how great this is for athletes, celebrities and reporters! They launched with the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez proudly flying the new flag. But obviously, this is great for any business.

ROI on Mobile Marketing? 63% Say “I Don’t Know”

In the online space we are enamored with numbers. We can measure everything and everything can be quantified. That’s why the Internet is the place for marketers to be.

OK, at least that’s how the industry pitches the online space. As that momentum moves to the mobile front that same mantra is being droned out over and over again just so there is an understanding that ROI in the online world is something that can be quantified.

Well, I would like to introduce hype to reality. They don’t get a lot of time together because reality doesn’t sell. But if the report by eMarketer regarding return on mobile marketing is any indication, then “Houston, we have a problem.”