Google’s +1 Button Goes Global

Looks like the world will never be the same.

Google’s +1 has gone global. Here are some of the partners that are helping Google do this.

Now my question to you is: Do you care?

How To Get The Attention of Marketing Pilgrim’s Managing Editor

I have been the managing editor of Marketing Pilgrim for the past six months and I have learned a lot.

First, it’s a lot easier just writing for a popular blog. You can create a post and send it in and not have to worry about too much (unless, of course, the editor finds the post to be, well, lacking or if he just finds that it sucks out loud).

As the managing editor, though, I also have business responsibility of Marketing Pilgrim but, honestly, that’s fun. I get to talk to some pretty cool folks who are into the Internet marketing world in a big way. They are excited so I get excited with them. It’s fun, it’s informative and it’s never dull. If you want to talk to me about being a business partner of MP please start the conversation here. I would love to create a solution that works for us both.

Google Asks “What Do You Love?”

I sense that something has truly shifted at Google during the Page-ian Era. It’s not some kind of 180-degree about-face but rather something more subtle but yet very real.

The latest evidence of this change is a ‘product’ called “What Do You Love?” The address is When you get there you are greeted with the classic Google simplicity.

Now, type in whatever it is you are interested in get something a little surprising. MG Siegler of TechCrunch described it as follows:

The new service, which Google apparently did launch this morning, is called What do you love? (hence, While it seems to be more of a cute gimmick at this time, the idea is to return users a single page of relevant results across many of Google’s products for whatever query is typed into the wdyl search box. The “search” button is even a heart. Cute.

Advertisers Increase Spending, But Consumers Aren’t Buying

Spending is up! Spending is down! It’s just another week in the world of marketing and this time AdAge has both stories running in the same day.

First we have stats from Advertiser Perceptions which show that advertisers are planning on spending more money in the coming 12 months. You would think that an increase in spend, signals confidence in the economy but apparently one thing has little to do with the other.

Advertiser Perceptions CEO Ken Pearl says,

“The biggest surprise was that in the face of what appears to be a weakening economy, optimism is not just maintaining but increasing among advertisers.”

Or maybe advertisers have become delirious from the stress of falling profits and are going on the spending equivalent of a drinking binge. Think I’m off the mark? Check out this chart.

3GTV Launches First ‘Smart’ Grocery Store

TV commercials are great for reinforcing a brand preference, but what happens when the TV is off and the consumer heads to the store? If you look at a grocery list, it’s more likely that you’ll see “soda” instead of “Coke” or “coffee” instead of “Tully’s.”

3GTV has a solution and they call it the “Smart” grocery store. The test program, which launches today, involves 9 Bloom grocery stores in the Washington D.C. area. Here shoppers will be shown brand messaging as they shop through the use of digital, shelf-edge displays. The program also is interactive and has the ability to track and measure shopper activity.

PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, and Nestle Purina have all signed on to be a part of the pilot program which could be the next big thing in in-store marketing.

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere Are Jobs!

No not Steve Jobs. Job jobs. The ones that make careers etc.

Our Internet marketing job board continues to update often with new opportunities for job seekers in the Internet marketing and social media marketing fields. Of course, that means that more and more employers are seeing that for just $27 per Internet marketing job listing per month, it’s silly not to put your job in front of Marketing Pilgrim’s talented readers.

Here is a taste of some of the jobs listed on the board. Happy hunting!

New Media Digital Campaign Director – SEIU Seattle, WA

Interactive Contact Strategist – 11th Hour Los Angeles, CA

Marketing Director – Myplanet Digitial Markham, ON (Canada)

In-House Corporate Social Networks Gaining Favor

Corporate America has exhibited the best and the worst of social media in the short-lived industry’s time. There have been edicts passed down that prohibit employees from using them at all. There have been instances where companies have given everyone free reign and stupidity prevailed. There have been firings and, as a result, lawsuits about what can or cannot be done around what employees say.

Needless to say, the list goes on. One trend that is emerging according to an article in the New York Times is the creation and implementation of private corporate social networks. In the last century we used to call them intranets but you know kids these days …… The Times reports