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Pew Study Shows Who Uses Twitter

Our favorite research source, the Pew Internet and American Life Project, has completed a study looking at just who uses Twitter. The chart below summarizes the findings.

Of note to marketers should be the popularity and increasing use of Twitter among African-Americans and Hispanics.

In addition, the use among 25-44 year olds has increased which is likely attributable to the increase in mainstream exposure of Twitter in brand advertising. A commercial or ad without the Twitter logo looks conspicuous these days as compared to just a year ago where only the ‘cool kids’ were showing off their social media chops.

For those who started with the service back in 2006 when it was a tech/geek only play today’s Twitter looks nothing like it used to.

At least the company is finally trying to make some product changes since Jack Dorsey took over that side of the biz (not Stone :-) ) which include adding photos to the main Twitter site offering, buying TweetDeck and improving (albeit not completely by any means) Twitter search.

Twitter is working hard to maintain the 80% advertiser retention rate they touted this week. With all the competition for the social media advertising dollar, they have their work cut out for them.