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Google is telling everyone that their new project, Google +, is the new way to do social. We’re going to have to take their word for it since the project is being rolled out in a field trial by invitation only in a technique called rolling thunder according to Wired.

In fine Internet fashion, however, that hasn’t stopped everyone from trying to compare it to Facebook, make fun of its name and make bold predictions about how it will or will not work.

Rather than get involved in this silliness how about we just give you the series of videos that Google produced for their blog post to explain this new social thing. Make of it what you will.







So there you go. Read about each element at the Google blog or gawk at the myriad articles trying to predict the future of Google+. There will be plenty of time for analysis and speculation when it actually has some traction.

Right now, though, it’s just a Wave of speculation. Oooops, I bet Google hopes it isn’t that. Maybe all the buzz about Google+ will die down. Oooops again. Google and Buzz didn’t get along in the past.

How about we all get in a circle and wait until something actually happens.

  • If Google is slow to get this going(like every other product they have released), by the time most people get an invite, they will blow it off and keep on Facebook. Social Networks need critical mass to succeed, striking while the iron is cold is not the way to build that critical mass.

    In other words, I predict another EPIC fail for Google.

  • I hope you are wrong but I am betting that you may be right. Engineers don’t know how us regular humanoids work. They assume we’ll just play along. Bad move.

  • Nice puns by the way. I have clicked a few + buttons for people. I don’t have it on our sites.
    Usually the + has 0 to 1, Twitter, 20 – 100 (depending on the popularity of the author) and then Facebook can have quite a few as well.

    I have stated it before, but I rarely like “business” things as Facebook are my personal friends. I have a separate personal and business twitter. I rarely use the personal twitter, but frequently re-tweet on my business one.

    Honestly, Google needs to find a way to play nice with Facebook or maybe LinkedIn needs to get into the fray. I wouldn’t mind that as it is my business stuff.