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We know that iPads are becoming increasingly popular here in the US, but now they’re taking over in Europe, too.

According to shopping search engine Shopzilla, the iPad is the new “it bag.” In other words, it’s the trendy, fashionable item that every shopper wants to own.

In their recent survey, they found that 6% of shoppers already had a table and 20% were thinking about buying one this year. Here in the US, 12% of consumers already have a device and 25% plan on buying this year. (Count me in that 25%!)

When it comes to online shopping with a tablet, 61% said it was as easy to use as their personal computer. That ease of use and the portability is the reason 53% of respondents said they use the device to shop and browse with a friend. Only 27% report co-shopping with a smartphone.

We already know how important peer recommendations are in retail, so the fact that people are co-shopping on their tablets is amazing.

Another interesting fact to come out of this survey is that 80% of tablet owners see it as added technology, not a replacement for their computer, laptop or smartphone.

Rachel Smith, Business Services Senior Director at Shopzilla says:

“The year of mobile commerce, which has been predicted for some time, is finally here. With the explosion of the tablet market we are seeing a seismic change, and the opportunity will be for the retailers who are first to get it right.”

So while you’re developing that app for the iPhone, make sure you have an iPad edition, too.

You can download the entire “Trends in Online Shopping: iPads” report for free when you click here.