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How much money did you spend at a local, independent business this week? Books from a used book shop instead of Amazon? Fruit from a farmer’s market instead of a grocery chain? Perhaps you hired a local handyman to fix that leak in your sink.

Independent We Stand says that if every family spent $10 a month at a local store, $9.3 billion would be returned to the local economy. That’s more money for schools and roads and fire equipment. That’s money to put a park on a vacant lot or create a safer environment for you and yours.

The initiative thinks that more people would buy locally if they truly understood the impact, so they’ve created an online widget that makes it crystal clear. Visit, and click on the economic impact calculator. Enter your state and choose the metro-area nearest you and get ready to be amazed. Those dollars really add up fast.

Here are a few more facts:

  • Local businesses reinvest in local economy 60% more than chains.
  • Small businesses account for 75% of all new jobs in this country.
  • Small business employs over half of all US workers.

Independent We Stand offers these facts as posters you can download, print and hang up in your shop. They also have print ads, holiday posters and other marketing materials that will help convince your neighbors to shop in town. (Sorry online retailers, today, this isn’t about you.)

If you run a local, independently-owned business, you can register with the site to be added to their Shop Local recommendation list.

Best Buy is great, but I really miss the small, independent record store that closed up due to lack of business. Don’t let that happen to your favorite store. Take a stand and make a difference.

This morning, I picked up a basket of farm fresh veggies from my local CSA. Where will you spend your local $10 this month?

  • Not only is buying local better for the local economy, consumers usually get a better price from a local company than from one further afield.