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Twitter is making a serious bid to compete in the online ad space, this time buying up a small company called AdGrok whose tagline is “we make internet marketing simple.” Actually, their interface was designed to make Google’s AdWords simple and if they did that, then it’s no wonder Twitter wanted to scoop them up.

The AdGrok system included a GrokBar, the Grok-o-Matic and the Groknoculars, all of which made you a Pro-Groker for only $59.00 a month. And I tell you all of this only because I like the word Grok as much as they do. But now, sadly, the time has come to move on to a world where everything happens in under 140 characters, which is enough to say Live long and prosper six times in one Tweet, so it’s all good.

Actually, things aren’t good in the Grokingdom. According to their blog, AdGrok will be shutting down their servers on June 30, leaving all of their current customers weightlessly floating in space. Sounds like the perfect time for a competitor to swoop in and save the day.

This is how it goes in the internet world, start-ups happen, they do good, they get bought and they close. Great news for those who transfer over, but not so much for the rest of the staff and the customers. In this case, it’s been confirmed that two of the AdGrok men are now working at Twitter’s HQ, while a third is working for Facebook. Kind of like how the Romulans split from the Vulcans and in turn, the United Federation of Planets.

The good news for any marketer who wasn’t using AdGrok software, is that Twitter is fast becoming a viable option for an online campaign. They still have some growing to do, but it looks like they could be eating into Facebook’s 4 billion dollar ad revenue sooner than expected.