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Getting people to follow you on Twitter is a good thing, but with the old “Follow Me” button users were immediately whisked away from your site and over to Twitter.  To quote Inspector Clouseau, “not any more.”

Twitter’s new “Follow” button allows fans to follow you without ever leaving your website. It’s one click (as long as they’re currently logged in to Twitter) and you’re done.

Twitter’s blog post hones in on how great this is for athletes, celebrities and reporters! They launched with the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez proudly flying the new flag. But obviously, this is great for any business.

What’s a little confusing is that the example photo, seen here, shows the most recent tweets in the same box. I think this is very helpful because sometimes I want to see what people Tweet about before I follow. I tried this with and found that I had to click their user name in the header and I got a pop-up with the latest Tweets. I’m still on, but it’s not as clean.

Another thing to note, is that the interface shown here on IMDB has a nice contained sidebar box that is all about Twitter. Most of the sites I looked at had the new button in a floating bar at the top of the site. Here’s how it looks on, now that I’m following them. (Prior to the follow, the button was where the green check Following is now.)

What concerns me is jumble that jumps off this page. In one glance I’ve got “Like Us on Facebook,” “Follow us on Twitter,” choose one of three mobile devices, sign-in, sign-up or use Facebook Connect to sign-in. Wow, that’s a lot and it feels desperate.

Yes, the new Twitter button is clean and easy to use but it’s not going to replace the Facebook button. Going forward, web designers are going to have to be a lot more mindful of social media because right now, it’s starting to look like the banner farm days on some major websites.

Want the new Follow button? Click here to get yours.