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Over the past year, Twitter has actively introduced a variety of ad messages into their system. Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends are the two most popular, but each of those is designed to hang around on the fringes of the main feed.

Now, rumor has it, that Twitter is looking to insert ad messages into the Twitter stream. Twitter says it’s them being bold and where that will lead them is anyone’s guess.

TechCrunch did an informal survey on the idea and the results weren’t as negative as you might expect. Some would like the option of paying for the service in return for having ads shut off, while others see it as a necessary evil. There are, after all, not many free lunches.

My feeling? It’s okay with me because I probably won’t see the ads anyway. Like many people, my Twitter stream already moves too fast for me to keep up with it, so the majority of ads that pop mid-stream will probably go unnoticed. I use HootSuite and the promoted Tweets appear at the top of my stream and I still couldn’t tell you what I saw up there this morning.

Of course, this is based on the idea that the ad Tweets will be formatted to match the rest of my stream. If they pop-up or blink or do anything wild. . . well, honestly, I still probably won’t notice.

If Twitter manages to deliver targeted ads on a regular, without being overkill, basis, they could be successful for everyone involved. As a Twitter user, if you don’t like the ads, just wait 30 seconds and chances are they’ll be pushed off your page by the tenth retweet of a funny thing someone said yesterday.