Posted June 1, 2011 4:16 pm by with 1 comment

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Facebook’s Like button is near ubiquitous. Twitter has added a Follow button that allows people to follow an account without leaving the site they are on. I’m not sure that there aren’t more buttons these days than those from the political campaigns of yore (I Like Ike, anyone?).

Google doesn’t want to be left alone and has added its +1 button to the fray by allowing sites to give visitors the option to “+1” a site or page in addition to the ability in the search results.

Here’s Google’s video presentation which it has on the +1 for webmasters page. The video is old and doesn’t even mention the site level button until the end. I guess it’s not important enough to have its own video? C’mon man!

Google’s blog covers this introduction more in depth here.

What’s your take?

  • Still do not know the extent of that button. I refer to the scope in terms of SEO. Because a massive vote of users on a page I have no doubt that somehow alter the organic results on Google. Poque not say this for sure how this little button again by Mr Mutt Cutts. We are waiting for an explanation on the subject.