Own Your Own Content Farm! [CARTOON]

This great comic about content farms was brought to my attention via Maria Popova and Timothy Hughes via Twitter.

The comic was created by Brian McFadden and appeared in the New York Times Sunday Review’s Opinion Pages a little while back. It pretty much says it all about content farms, doesn’t it? Enjoy.

SEO’s Continue to Respond To Perceived Google Slight

For those of you looking for your usual Saturday Cup of Joe I hate to disappoint you but Joe is taking the week off. He promises to be back next Saturday and every Saturday after that for infinity (he is very dedicated).

Instead of trying to put something together to “entertain” you, we have decided to point you to a post from yesterday that took on a very interesting life of its own.

In short, the post had to do with a network of web sites involving legal representation because they perceived that they were slighted by Google. We could have simply given our “analysis” of the situation (I was actually contacted for a quote for the article but did not give one) but decided to do something a bit different. We opened up the question to our community of SEO experts to examine the sites and give their own verdict as to whether the sites were given short shrift by none other than Google. Needless to say it was a lively discussion that is still going on and it needs your input.

Google Improves Search for Tablets

We’ve barely begun talking about how to format webpages for mobile and now it’s time to start thinking about pages on tablets.

Google took a stab at it this week with a fresh, new look for their search pages. The upgrade revolves around a cleaner layout that is bigger where it counts. Because we use our fingers and not a mouse to click and navigate on a tablet, Google has added larger buttons with more white space. Now people with chubby fingers like me, can get the right command on the first try, every time.

They’ve also made it easier to define your results with a set of clear category tags across the top. Images, Video, News — it’s one click and you’re there.

MakeMyChoice Goes Offline for Online Promotion

You’ve placed your order for a double mocha latte and now you’re standing to the side waiting while the kid whips it up. What to do, what to do? Oh look, there’s a flyer hanging on the bulletin board all about a fun new website. Pull out phone, type in URL from the flyer, you’re in and the website has a new user.

Advertising your online business in the offline world maybe old-school and low-tech, but in today’s world, where so many people walk around with web-connected devices, it could be worth the effort.

Human Twitter: High Tech Meets Low Tech at the X-Games

Here’s a little something fun for Friday. The X-Games has set up a Human Twitter message board in the stands at the Moto X event which is currently happening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Each of the 160 people seated in Section 112, Rows 6-12 has a set of alphabet cards and when the time is right, they raise the proper card to spell out a message. The tweets come in via the hashtag #humantwitter and our sent out via the Jumbotron and the TV cameras.

Here’s one message:

Other potential messages include get well wishes for Travis Patrana who broke parts of his body in yesterday’s trials and shout-outs like Navajo Nation Loves X-Games.

Calling All SEO’s! You Be The Judge and the Jury

We know that the SEO community is an opinionated bunch. In fact, it’s one of the reasons it can be fun. Well, here is your chance to sound off on whether someone is truly making SEO sense or not. It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun.

An article that was run at SiliconValley.com (which is part of the Mercury News) has opened up the latest can of worms of a website (and in this case a large network of websites) feeling mistreated by Google. Their cause has been picked up by antitrust attorney Gary Reback (hmm, I see a dotted line connection here, what about you?).

The initial site in question is ShopPaloAlto.com along with a few others and there are claims that it has been unfairly judged by Google in the SERP’s.

Google+ Help From Google

There is a lot of information flying around about Google+ with regard to what it does and doesn’t do, how you should use, how to use it, do you even know you are using it etc, etc.

Apparently Google is trying to get out in front of this information as much as they can and have added a Google+ Help Center to the service. You simply go to the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Plus page and you will be taken here.

Mashable describes the effort as follows:

The “What’s new in Google+” section is essentially a list of release notes for the Google+ Project. The updates are smaller than Google’s traditional blog posts, but longer than most of its Help Center pages. It’s a centralized location for finding out what new features Google has added to its social network.