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We are early on in the days of Google+ but the gamesmanship is already well underway. People are jockeying for position. Robert Scoble continues to try to prove that he is the most important person in the world and others are looking for early Google+ leverage.

One interesting use of the service comes from Paul Allen who is the founder of Why is this important? Well, I have noticed that during my TV time recently I have seen a significant number of ads running. They ain’t cheap I suppose.

So Allen looks like he is trying to see how much “interest” he can conjure up through his count of Google+ getting to the 10 million user mark. His effort has landed him at the top of the Techmeme ladder at the time of this writing.

This makes perfect sense since he has already taken the Facebook ride for and it has impacted that business significantly. Here is his Google Profile which many are visiting based on his “research”.

The bottom line is that because of the training that Internet marketers have received from the Facebook years, we will try to turn this new fast growing platform into a marketing machine before it’s a social machine. In fact, we will likely call it a social machine so we don’t get accused of trashing it up with marketing messages.

The numbers I would really like to see from Mr. Allen is what he thinks the impact of this research will be on the bottom line of

People are getting more savvy at using these opportunities for personal gain. Good for them. Just don’t complain when everyone starts tooting their own horn as loudly on Google+ as they do on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s going to happen, are you ready?

  • DVJ

    Paul Allen has nothing to do with anymore. He runs a company called

    • Looks pretty proud of it on his Google Profile! I also have to suspect that he has a vested interest in its continued success.