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Twitter fans have noticed the increasing number of ads that are slipping in mid-stream, above the stream and to the side but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

According to Reuters, Twitter is about to test an automated system that will allow clients to schedule their own ads. Currently, an advertiser has to talk to a human in order to get that Promoted Tweet in the stream, but this new offering will allow clients to set up ads on the fly and change them on a whim.

For Twitter users, this isn’t good news. Twitter is a relatively small system. There are only a few places where you can insert an ad and for those who don’t follow a thousand people, an influx of Promoted Tweets is going to be very noticeable. I’d hope that there is a safeguard that would keep the ads from being the majority of any stream, but maybe not.

For Twitter, it’s a big step toward becoming a real player in the online ad market. For marketers, it’s even bigger. Automation means flexibility and that’s important, particularly with a network like Twitter that still isn’t tried and true.