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On Facebook, brands are like short people in the center seat at a stadium during a rock concert. Even if they jump up and down or wear a moose hat on their heads, they might not get noticed. There is simply too much input going on in all directions, so unless a fan is looking their way, their clever messaging sign will probably go unread.

But according to a new white paper from comScore, continual jumping is important because it increases your chance of being seen by 2.5% per day.

The reason behind this is two fold. First, it is noted that Facebook users spend more time reading their newsfeed than doing anything else on the site. Only 27%, but it beats apps which shows up at only 10%. That means that more people are seeing brand messages on their own feed than they are on brand fan pages.

The bad news is that newsfeeds cycle very quickly depending on how many friends a person has. If a user doesn’t happen to hit their page within hours of your post (or even minutes), they won’t see it.

The good news is that when your post shows up on a fan’s newsfeed, you aren’t just appealing to that single person, you’re also reaching the friends of that fan. On average, we’re talking about 34 more people for each brand fan.

comScore says that friends of fans are the best audience for marketers because it’s likely they’re potential new customers who haven’t made up their mind about a brand.

Take a look at this chart depicting visitation rates for Southwest airlines.

When compared to the total internet control group, the Facebook friends of fans show a significant lift.

The takeaway here is that marketing on Facebook really is a numbers game. The more posts you make (within reason), the better chance you have of reaching not only current fans of your brand, but potential new fans as well.

You can download the full white paper for free and you should. It’s loaded with case studies and more information about how to make the most out of your Facebook fan page.


  • With an estimated 700 million people on Facebook you message will definitely get through. Studies also show that people spend more time on Facebook than any other website this means that someone is sure going to read your message on their news feed.

  • The more time facebook users spent, the more chance brands have to show their promotion campaigns. It’s obvious that the average person spent more than an hour per day on Facebook

  • Yes People are sharing, posting and staying inside facebook more than any other website.
    Its a great place to share your ideas.

    • I agree Petter! Whether personal or professional FB is a hub for sharing solid ideas and even all the bits of “trivia” out there as well.

  • “The bad news is that newsfeeds cycle very quickly depending on how many friends a person has.”

    Timing is so crucial when it comes to social media marketing. You have to understand when your audience is most likely to be using Facebook so that your content shows up while they are perusing their newsfeed. Too much content and you actually push yourself out. Too little and you get lost in the shuffle.

  • Interesting insights but you’re not saying anything about Facebook Edge Rank algorithm that would lower your visibility in the news feed if you are exaggerating with posts, condemning it as spam activity.

  • Shirlee

    “The good news is that when your post shows up on a fan’s newsfeed, you aren’t just appealing to that single person, you’re also reaching the friends of that fan.”

    Am I missing something? I would think that a fan’s friends would only see the brand’s posts when the fan had interacted with the brand’s post in some way (like/comment). In any case, it still makes sense to post a lot – but just make sure that your posts encourage interaction, because that’s when you would get exposure to fan’s friends. Right?

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