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Facebook has obviously been watching and taking notes regarding what has taken place with Google+ and brand pages (no matter how inane the whole thing was / is). As a result, it looks like someone at the social network cried down from the mountain to “Tell the Facebook for business story, now!”

The result? The Facebook for Business page which was introduced yesterday. Don’t get all panicky. There’s literally nothing new here. It just appears that in a fit of “Uh, shouldn’t all this information be in one easy place for people to get at?” Facebook has just aggregated the information already in existence into one place so it can be better understood. The video that appears on the “site within a site” was originally posted over a year ago. Here’s the page

Hey, if the threat of a little competition is forcing Facebook to take their information and put it into a format that is easy to read, understand and can ultimately help a business, then let the games begin. It’s usability changes like this that expose Facebook as a technology company who is putting services together that currently will reach those who “get it” but in the process leave large sums of potential revenue on the table. Good news for Facebook if they can get beyond the technology and think about the people.

If you would like to explore that idea that Facebook and Google are just technology companies that are leaving a lot of revenue on the table, I recommend an article from Adweek for your reading pleasure. It is something to consider.

  • Maybe Mark has finally learned that customers come first — not your ego. Since inception, he’s run Facebook like it’s his own private playground. That’s fine — it is his playground. But if you want customers (users) to stay and play with you, you have to play things they want sometimes. G+ has done that and Facebook is running scared.

    Angela Hausman

  • Social media sites were originally designed for individual users on a social and personal basis. Businesses understood this as a way to market their product/service to their target market. This has lead to businesses entering the social media world. As more and more businesses have entered it is necessary for businesses to be involved in social media. Now that their is a bigger demand for social media sites that are business friendly Facebook needs to adapt. Google+ has catered to businesses and now Facebook needs to do the same.