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Earlier this week Google announced their Adwords Express for businesses which is the resurrection or reincarnation of what used to be known as Google Boost. The long and short of it is that the program is designed for the folks who are intimidated by full blown paid search campaigns (which in the SMB space are plenty) but are looking to get into the game.

The following video from Google, while admittedly dry, explains the program. We have included another video take on the service from Google which is a bit more fun as well.

Now for the fun, and more expensive, telling of the Adwords Express story.

It looks like things are really heating up between Facebook and Google on all fronts. The thought is that only about 25% of the SMB market is willing to go self-serve with online services. That still means there are plenty of unused online advertising dollars even without having all SMB’s involved. The businesses who will do a self serve approach without the support they expect from normal businesses (yes that implies that Google and Facebook are abnormal bordering on pathetic with their “we prefer to be as far away from the customer as possible” approach to customer service for the masses) is limited and are there resources. While most will decide to go with both advertising options that means each gets a smaller piece of that pie. The tug of war for all of that ad revenue should increase in intensity pretty quickly.

Everyone is playing in everyone elses’ yards these days. Facebook is looking for ad dollars while Google is looking for social network critical mass. The hope is that this increased level of competition drives each service to loftier heights. Hey, one can hope, right?

  • I like the idea of AWExpress, it makes advertising for smaller and less educated business’ ( in terms of PPC and SEO) a million times easier, however using AWExpress will provide less benefits than the original adwords, as there are more features and this enables you to get the most out of your budget.