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No matter what side of this tiff about Google+ and their mishandling or whatever of the business profiles ( I suggest we all put our laser sabers down and get back to neutral corners where sanity exists) the following chart tells a story that will make one say “This looks real to me” (thanks to GigaOM for sharing). Have a great weekend!

  • This cannot be true!

    • Yes, it can.

      Don’t forget that Google has what Facebook & Twitter didn’t. Huge user base across their other services, Media power, All eyes on G all the time!

  • Mountain View is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. The wheels may grind slowly but exceedingly fine!

  • I am willing to bet some serious $$ that you could switch the companies around on that chart and which ever company lands in today’s graph of googles growth they will have just about the same exact insanely fast growth.

    when facebook and myspace 1st launched no one had any idea what the hell a social network was….

    • Good point but since that time other social attempts have started (including Buzz) which never caught on due to it being an inferior offering AND we watched the first king of the social hill, MySpace fall into the abyss. So this kind of growth is not automatic. Something of some level of quality fuels it.

  • Jeff

    Can you please explain in detail what the metric “reach users” means?

    Does it mean users signed up for and using +1? Nope.

    So what’s the meaning of the metric and what’s the value/significance of the metric aside from someone found a metric that makes Google +1 look good on a graph?

    • @Jeff – if you are so certain what it isn’t why don’t YOU tell us what it really is ? I just think it’s the time to get to 10 million accounts (which was a best guesstimate anyway that was put together by founder Paul Allen).

      My suggestion is to just take note of the rapid rise of Google+ adoption. The rest remains to be seen.

  • It’s a pretty awesome statistic although you must remember that Twitter and Facebook started from scratch while Google already has an enormous user base. What will be interesting to see is if things continue like this for them.

  • It’s really amazing that Google+ can have 10 million users in such a quick period of time.
    I just got on it this last week myself.
    Not really thrilled with the individual invites to the different parts of the site from what I’ve heard.
    I could post to the site, but I couldn’t actually be on the site. Which makes no sense to me.

  • I’m with @SpeedTest
    It’s not a fair comparison. Both of the others started from nothing.
    I’m more curious to see where G+ is a year from now.

  • This is just more proof that Google + will annihilate Facebook

  • In Google are not fools. They have integrated the service with all services and other services from Google. And besides, the difficulty of obtaining an invite, too, contributed to greater interest among users. It is not a gift, I want what is not.