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We’ve barely begun talking about how to format webpages for mobile and now it’s time to start thinking about pages on tablets.

Google took a stab at it this week with a fresh, new look for their search pages. The upgrade revolves around a cleaner layout that is bigger where it counts. Because we use our fingers and not a mouse to click and navigate on a tablet, Google has added larger buttons with more white space. Now people with chubby fingers like me, can get the right command on the first try, every time.

They’ve also made it easier to define your results with a set of clear category tags across the top. Images, Video, News — it’s one click and you’re there.

Google improved the image results with larger thumbnails and continuous scrolling and they say the load times will be much faster.

The upgrade will be available shortly for iPad and Android 3.1.

Overall, the changes they’ve made are small, but they’re going to make a big difference for the end user. Tablets aren’t replacing computers anytime soon, but it’s not too early to begin thinking about how your website looks and handles when viewed on a smaller, hands-on, highly portable screen.

  • BEWARE OF GOOGLE, anyone with common sense should be able to figure out that with all the information Google has and will be collecting about it’s users through searches + email + video phone + facial recognition + traffic cameras + google earth + google analytics + all other services and features google has, it’s just a matter of time that this company who claims to do know evil, is just like the devil in disguise! Within they next few years, say goodbye to privacy and all your freedoms & rights, and say hello to a totalitarian government/company!

    The choices of two evils is obvious, Facebook or Google+…Facebook! If you want privacy & anonymity…ONLYMEWORLD!

    • Cynthia Boris

      Are you actually suggesting that Facebook equals privacy online? Or am I misreading that?

  • I think that Google is making all of the right moves into creating a great search platform for tablets

  • Google takes a very good approach by updating there pages. I appreciate there move. Its may be Late but there doing a great job for tablet and android user. Thanks for allocation 🙂

  • it is really intresting i think google is making everyting very simple ,easy , user-friendly where people can access google with ease. but how will google know whether we are using tablet or other phone ?
    thank you for this informational article .

  • The increase in tablet sales recently means a new market for search engine providers to enter. The improvement of Google on its search for tablets is one indication that the company really wants to stay at the top of the game.