Posted July 14, 2011 12:51 am by with 2 comments

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comScore has released its June 2011 numbers regarding search share.

In a nutshell, the results are Google stays even in Explicit search and goes up in Core search. Bing gets better but the increase must be coming from Yahoo who is down. Below are two charts showing these numbers.

So it’s another month of playing the “Has Bing put a ding in Google’s thing?” game. The bottom line is that while Bing makes slow progress one wonders who even notices. The combined numbers of Bing and Yahoo are just over 30% market share but it never feels like anything is threatening Google’s position at the top.

Do you think Google is untouchable or will someone someday come along and do something to knock them off their perch? Is it going to be the Bingahoo alliance or will it take another player to get the job done?

Maybe the better question is whether it’s worth even wondering about this at this point in time because Google is who Google is?

  • No shock there then, with mobile networks prefering Google as a search engine.

    The monopoly continues, but if it aint broke, then don’t fix it – just improve it. Just don’t stand still!

  • Many of my sites get most of the traffic from Google but a few have Bing and Yahoo higher than Google. Not many but there are a few. It’s interesting how close Yahoo and Bing perform. Any page that ranks 2 or 3 in Yahoo also ranks 2 or 3 in Bing. They align almost perfectly at every level. It makes senses but you wonder what differentiates the two, if anything.

    Google will probably remain at the top for at least a few more years. If Facebook every decides to take search seriously they might give Yahoo/Bing a little competition but probably not much. As Bing goes up Yahoo will continue to go down until there’s only one of them.