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With all the hubbub surrounding Google+ and all the other cool kid toys, Google keeps right on announcing cool additions to truly useful tools like Google Maps.

The latest comes from the Maps Labs section for Android users (sorry iPhoners, this one’s not for you just yet). While it seems simple we must remember that some of the best ideas are just that: simple.

What Google allows users to do now is simply download a map area to their device. You see, even the Goog is rendered helpless when you find yourself in a foreign land with no data coverage. So from the “prior planning prevents poor performance department” you can download a map area to your Android device before you take off so you will have the map even if you have outkicked your data coverage.

Here’s a quick screenshot for you to ponder from the Google Mobile blog.

This is the one major advantage that Google has over most other players in the Internet space whether its social or whatever. Google does a lot of very useful things. Sure Markie Z. tried to poo-poo that approach yesterday but I think he does envy this a bit because he realizes that could be the soft white underbelly of the Facebook machine. Oh and it looks like in order for Facebook to mimic some of the functionality of Google they will need to turn to their default ‘partner’ Microsoft and its suite of “there is little hope of competing with Google in this area” offerings.

If you would like this and other Lab options for Google Maps for Android just make sure you update your Maps app, click on More and then click on Labs. Easy peasy.

  • Thanks for posting this…. This would have been so helpful for me when I was recently on Vacation in North Carolina…. there were many areas in the mountains that I could not get reception, and was relying on GPS from phone to get me to desired park.

  • This will prove to be very useful. And will be downloaded a lot. Only hope the limit file size, or find someway to provide a reduced feature version.