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Google has floated the Google Offers trial balloon in cities like Portland, OR (which appears to be Google’s guinea pig for all things local) but now it is hitting the true top tier cities with its beta introduction in San Francisco and New York City. So we can say that Google Offers are coast to coast in a “if you ignore most of the middle of the country” sort of way.

This video from the Official Google blog highlights a few of the businesses that are part of this latest offer from Google.

Of course, these classic urban settings are best suited for the on the go offer finder so this is how the cool kids will see offers on their mobile device.

As with anything Google these days you can’t help but wonder exactly how all of this will look when it is ultimately rolled into the Google+ experience.

Google has always been an interesting company in that they probably have more products and services laying around the shop than most companies could imagine ever creating let alone using. It seems like Larry Page has taken on the role of shop steward by taking all of these disparate parts and giving them the potential to be integrated and useful to commoners in a way that could transform how we get and share information.

You won’t hear any “Facebook killer” claims here but you can’t help but think that Google is going to create the competition to Facebook in the social space in a way that so many would like to do to Google in the search space.

How do you see these various Google pieces of the social puzzle coming together. Are you excited for this or is it another distraction in an already cluttered online life? Let us know in the comments!

  • Isnt this just a Groupon knock-off?