Posted July 20, 2011 2:06 pm by with 2 comments

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In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know and Google+ wants in. According to CNN, they’re working on a “celebrity acquisition plan” to help boost the star power of their new social network.

If you or I were to talk about “celebrity acquisition,” we’d probably run afoul of California’s anti-stalking laws. But when Google does it, that’s news. The tricky part, as we’ve seen from Twitter, is verifying the real celebs and keeping the fake ones out of the loop.

In order to verify that a celeb is who they say they are, CNN says they might ask folks to fax a copy of their driver’s license. Though Google will undoubtedly promise that the process is secure, it’s a potential privacy nightmare waiting to happen.

Google will probably turn to the agents to the stars, allowing them to verify on their client’s behalf. This appears to be how Twitter does it, but no one knows for sure since they keep the process under wraps.

Does Google+ need star power to catch on? Google+ is already loaded with celebs of a different kind, those that are active in the world of social media and technology. They also have William Shatner, but right not, he’s not the network’s biggest fan.

  • As an early adopter, I went with the trends and created myself a G+ account, but so far it’s really a tech and internet closed-world. Around 95% of my contacts are people who are working with internet-related companies… How will they go main stream is still a mystery to me…

  • I can’t believe for confirmation they need a drivers licence, its not very practical because thinking about it the younger celebs then wont be able to provide proof, so I think confirmation through agents is definitely the best way to handle this