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Google’s Product Graveyard [Infographic]

This is by no means a prediction about Google+.

In fact, if the initial reviews (which are mixed but with some heavy hitters buying in pretty big) then maybe, just maybe, this list won’t include the latest social effort from the search giant.

For now though, it is interesting to see just how much experimentation the Goog has done and they haven’t been afraid to fail! And to show the continued pace of product flameouts, just this past weekend Realtime Search was shelved (it is supposed to be back we just don’t know when) and now Wonder Wheel meeting a more permanent fate.

This infographic from our friends at Wordstream shows just what kind of product wreckage Google has experienced.

Voltier Creative

Did this infographic miss anything. What might be part of an updated version?

  • Chris

    If I were a betting man, I’d say Google + will soon be here. But then again, I was willing to bet my life savings that the iPhone was a horrible idea and would fail miserably. Same goes for the iPad.

    Product development is not my strong suit.

    • Frank Reed

      With that track record, Chris, it looks like Google+ is a sure winner!

      Thanks for dropping by.

  • MrAndrewJ

    It looks like some of the information under Wiki Search (searchwiki?) regarding the Star might have already been made obsolete by +1.

  • mark

    you’re missing lively google’s attempt at a ‘second life’ and there are lots of products that are languishing and might not be officially killed off but roam like the undead (Knol anyone?).

  • T

    goog-411… still sorry that one is gone…

  • Catalunya

    They’re not afraid to experiment, that’s for sure.