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Mobile advertising isn’t a slam dunk yet, but according to a new survey commissioned by IAB, it’s already become an integral part of the plan for 51% of brand marketers.

The study, “Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising” was conducted by Ovum and the results were presented at the “Mobile in the Mainstream…and as the New Main Screen” conference yesterday in NY.

Of the marketers who weren’t completely on the mobile bandwagon yet, 35% said they were “experimenting” with the medium, while 14% are still wandering through the landscape.

Top reasons for going mobile:

  • Immediacy (considered of high importance by 57% of respondents)
  • Cost-effectiveness (54%)
  • Increased engagement (52%)

The downside to mobile advertising:

  • Device fragmentation (cited by 72% of respondents as a challenge of medium or high importance)
  • Privacy issues (70%)
  • Lack of standardized metrics (69%)

For 60% of respondents, smartphones are the main target, 31% is working ads on tablets and a surprising 10% said ebooks were part of their plan.

The survey also showed that a majority of advertisers felt there were “limited opportunities for creative” but IAB suggests this is because most of the respondents are keeping it in-house, rather than hiring a creative agency.

Looking forward, 72% of ad spend decision-makers say they’ll be increasing their mobile ad spend in the next two years. 35% of them, expected the rise to be more than 50%.

Where do you stand with mobile advertising? Simply dipping your toes in the water or have you dived in?

  • As more smartphones flood the market, mobile will get even more important. Being able to connect with your target audience on the go, regardless of where they are or what they are doing, is too huge an opportunity to miss out on. The hardest part about mobile is that there are so many different devices, you can’t be sure your email/website/etc will look the same on each one.

  • I agree that device fragmentation and standardization will continue to be a barrier that the industry must bridge; however, mobile’s ability to offer immediacy and, most importantly, relevance to on-the-go consumers is a shining victory for marketers. Those two factors alone will help establish a greater ROI for businesses. While creative is important, its importance is somewhat lessened for mobile devices, as you have a smaller window in which to work. You also must have creative that doesn’t logjam the consumer’s search experience with slow load times. Focus more on the content, messaging and optimization. Understand that mobile consumers are searching and interacting much differently. Save your “awesome” creative for the desktop/laptop. Just my opinion.

  • John Cunningham

    I think it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to the future of mobil. I also happen to think that some things are far more pleasing to view from a computer monitor (like this blogpost for example).