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Human Twitter: High Tech Meets Low Tech at the X-Games

Here’s a little something fun for Friday. The X-Games has set up a Human Twitter message board in the stands at the Moto X event which is currently happening at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Each of the 160 people seated in Section 112, Rows 6-12 has a set of alphabet cards and when the time is right, they raise the proper card to spell out a message. The tweets come in via the hashtag #humantwitter and our sent out via the Jumbotron and the TV cameras.

Here’s one message:

Other potential messages include get well wishes for Travis Patrana who broke parts of his body in yesterday’s trials and shout-outs like Navajo Nation Loves X-Games.

Think you could find a way to secretly work in a marketing message without ESPN realizing it? Then again, this whole Human Twitter board is only one distracted letter-turner away from an embarrassing message. Where’s  Vanna White when you need her.

“I’d like an X, please!”

  • Frank Reed

    The X-games love it because it’s 140 tickets sold for each event they show up at!


    Xgames was awesome this year! Go Shaun White!