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Maybe it’s simply marketers doing what they are most accused of when they talk about their products. You know the deal, hype the heck out of some aspect of a product or service to move it even though it may not deliver as promised. Not exactly a trust building way of doing business but if it creates good numbers for a quarter or two it’s a win, right?

What seems to be happening is that marketing executives are talking about creating social media strategy out of one side of their mouth while saying it’s not a priority out of the other. eMarketer reports

One thing that is interesting is that medium sized companies are most likely to consider social strategy a top priority. It is likely that they are the group that has the most to gain / lose if they are not sharp since they want to go after the big guys while also making sure they are not overtaking by some smaller up and comer.

Now take a look at how the actual numbers compare to the ones where a marketing executive can simply say how important this strategy is.

The bottom line is this. If marketing executives are still in the lip-service phase of how they look at social media in the overall scheme of business then there is a lot of work to be done.

Maybe we as an industry have been focusing on the wrong things, which allow these kinds of mindsets to exist at all. By concentrating on the tools of the trade rather than the application of the tools we may be doing everyone a huge disservice.

It’s nothing new to say that if you don’t have a plan for whatever it is you are endeavoring to do you will likely be disappointed in the results. This concept will be the exact same for social media moving forward. If the social media industry allows for hype to take the place of real attention being paid to real world application of these tools the growth of the industry will be stunted.

What do you do for strategy with regard to social media? Are you just “winging it” and hoping for the best? Are you just using the various tools like Twitter, Facebook, foursquare etc and seeing what happens versus applying them strategically to increase your chance of success? Maybe this is moving too fast for people to handle properly?

What’s your take?

  • My 2 cents: it doesn’t seen logical to turn a blind eye to something That is workers (especially if for run a company that depends or your guidance). Using social media properly and understanding it requires a real commitment, so perhaps some are simply uneducated about all of this?

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