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Apparently girls aren’t the only ones who just want to have fun. According to a new report by Nielsen, games are not only the most popular category of apps, but 93% of downloaders are willing to pay for the privilege.

As you can see, entertainment of all kinds came in on top, with news at the low end of this scale. Still, 76% represents a nice chunk of change so things are looking pretty sweet for paid app owners.

Nielsen also found that iPhone users spent almost double the amount of time playing games as any other smartphone user. A full 14.7 hours a month for iPhone users, while the rest of the pack averages 7.8. Those are hours spent concentrating on a single screen and though people do multitask while playing mobile games, it’s usually only to listen to music or communicate on Facebook.

A study by Scoreloop shows that people would like it if mobile games were more social. What they aren’t interested in is bragging, competition and leaderboards. The main reason folks said they wanted to play games with friends is to have “fun.”

Never underestimate the power of a good time.

  • It’s no surprise to me that games is the highest rated category. Brands are starting to take note as well, as more sponsored games that are free to end users hit the market. In one of the panels at the MMA’s Mobile Marketing Forum in NYC it was pointed out that iPod touch devices account for a sizeable piece as well, with most users being under 18 years old. This demographic is especially willing to pay for gaming apps which is valuable information for mobile marketers who thrive on these kinds of demographics.