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It wasn’t enough to help put the newspaper industry in its place was it? Nope!

Now, the online marketing industry has put the US Postal Service on the skids and the Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe is even predicting a very new look for mail delivery in 15 years or so. The following quote comes from an interview with USAToday

Asked about the long term, Donahoe said, “At some point, we’ll have to move to three” days a week of mail delivery, possibly in 15 years.

Yikes! So why are we reporting this? Well, we are called Marketing Pilgrim after all and it’s important for marketers to consider and fully understand how the best mix of effective traditional marketing techniques and the right online marketing options will help drive sales. Do you really believe that only the online space will be used for the foreseeable future? (Please say no).

Here is a video that gives some quotes from the Postmaster General which don’t paint a very rosy picture for the US Postal Service.

So what about you folks who use direct mail to help drive online traffic? What’s your plan moving forward? Will you hold on to the bitter end until you are forced to change or will you start to change now? If the USPS went away would that impact your business at all?

These are interesting times we live in regarding the blending of the new and the old of the marketing world. What do you suggest for the best ways to handle this transition?

  • Online marketers should definitely use a combination of email marketing and direct mail as much as possible… Mixing the mediums will certainly improve the ROI and also make the experience more entertaining for the customer…

  • If digital marketing is effective, and ecommerce businesses flourish, someone has to deliver the parcels! In Australia, many actual post offices have closed down but no-one is predicting less deliveries that I’ve heard. Perhaps US Postal needs to think about getting more market share of parcel deliveries 🙂

  • The post office is got the message; they have a new program called every door direct mail.
    With this program the postal service will deliver a mail piece as large as 10 x 13 (approx). and they deliver by route numbers so that someone on a small budget can be in the game. Many of the delivery routes are under 500 Doors. I think the Combination of direct mal and online might make sense for someone who wants to make an impression in a very targeted area.

  • The postoffice is responding boy making advertisement by mail affordable: 14.5 ¢ per piece!
    Have not tried it, but it sounds like a great way to get some attention in Very specific areas for a reasonable price. Has anyone reading this tried it?

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