Frank Thinking: The Threat of Not Being One of Us

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Justin Timberlake Can Save MySpace

People don’t give Justin Timberlake enough credit. One day after the announcement that he bought a stake in MySpace, the snark began. Some felt that he was taking his role in The Social Network too much to heart, while others just can’t get past his rep as a teen idol.

Yes, Timberlake rose to fame as a member of a boy band but don’t hold that against him. He’s a real smart cookie, who has reinvented himself as a solo artist, an actor and comedian. He’s also an entrepreneur with a clothing line and a restaurant, so buying a share of the ailing social media site isn’t that big of a reach for the pop star.

Timberlake said in a statement;

Zynga Files a Profitable IPO as Social Gaming Heats Up

Zynga, the king of the social gaming platforms, filed a $1 billion dollar IPO on Friday and unlike other recent IPO announcements, those are coins you hear jingling in their pockets.

According to CNN Money, Zynga earned $11.8 million on sales of $235.4 million in the first three months of this year alone. With social gaming expected to rise to $1.1 billion this year alone, they’re sitting very, very pretty.

Zynga isn’t the only group cheering about the rise in social gaming, many brands have found marketing success with in-game advertising. P&G’s Bounty made a big splash (then they used one towel to clean it up!) in the Electronic Art’s game “Restaurant City.” In the game, players can unlock rolls of Bounty towels, or let loose a special Bounty janitor, both of which have the power to clean up faster. I haven’t played the game, but I assume that faster clean-up means your restaurant can serve more customers and earn you more virtual bucks.

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FTC Looking Into Twitter (but at least there are 200 million tweets a day!)

Twitter certainly must be feeling left out in the cold in recent days as everyone plots the fall of the Zuckerberg empire due to introduction of Google+ (or just simply prattles on about not much yet which depends on your point of view, I guess).

So how does Twitter get into the fray? They put up a blog post saying that they now post 200 million tweets a day. Here’s some more:

Halfway through 2011, users on Twitter are now sending 200 million Tweets per day. For context on the speed of Twitter’s growth, in January of 2009, users sent two million Tweets a day, and one year ago they posted 65 million a day.