The DIY Guide To Infographics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it. Infographics are cool. They can take a lot of information and put it into a format that is often easier to understand and, even more often, just more fun to deal with.

Inofgraphics are rapidly becoming a marketing staple for companies of all sizes. Every business, from the multinational technology giant all the way to the corner ice cream shop, has information they can share with customers and prospects alike that will go a long way to helping that person connect with the business on a more meaningful level.

And, to be honest, people just like pictures. So while many love infographics, not nearly as many know how to make them. That’s why we have put together the DIY Infographic Production Guide infographic. Enough words already! Enjoy!

The Right SEO Tools Can Make All the Difference

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After all of the initial SEO and link building work is done, the main effort of an SEO professional – be it a large web marketing agency or a standalone SEO specialist – is concentrated on the web visibility monitoring and keyword ranking improvements. At this point, tools that help SEO specialists highly automate their work are especially important. Web CEO Online offers a lot of functions for professionals to use to accomplish their tasks.

Google Experiments with Hotel Finder

Search is what Google does best. You can see this in their latest experiment, the Hotel Finder. Type in the city and the dates of your arrival and you’re presented with an easy-to-read, organized list of potential hotels.

Each line item is easily expanded with one click, giving you a slick overview of the property. Click the photos to get a larger slide show, click anywhere else to close the detail panel. It’s the fastest way to check out a long list of hotels without ever leaving the page.

Any hotel can be added to a shortlist with one click, for secondary comparison. You can also drag the box on the map view in order to refine the areas covered.

Gmail: The War of the Promotional Videos Is On

Many people use Gmail. Why not? It’s free and it works pretty well. Of course, it has become a big advertising tool as well and we all know how Google likes to determine what ads to serve.

In a pretty funny video that may have initially have only been intended for attendees of the MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange) sales conference, Microsoft gives Gmail the once over for its ad generating “techniques”.

Twitter Lifts Up Promoted Tweets, Switches Search

Twitter is still on the move, making changes that are reportedly created to make life easier for you, the user, but really is about making things better for you, the marketer.

It begins with a new feature that pins Promoted Tweets near the top of the user stream regardless of when it actually hit. Once a user logs in to view the stream, the tweet falls into line and continues through as normal (I think, this isn’t very clear in the write-up).

Users can choose to dismiss the tweet right away with a single click. And, Twitter says, users will only see Promoted Tweets from brands they follow.

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Google’s Adwords Express Looks to Boost The SMB Search Advertiser

Earlier this week Google announced their Adwords Express for businesses which is the resurrection or reincarnation of what used to be known as Google Boost. The long and short of it is that the program is designed for the folks who are intimidated by full blown paid search campaigns (which in the SMB space are plenty) but are looking to get into the game.

The following video from Google, while admittedly dry, explains the program. We have included another video take on the service from Google which is a bit more fun as well.

Now for the fun, and more expensive, telling of the Adwords Express story.