Speed Matters Enough to Google To Have You Pay For It

The SEO community has been discussing just how important page load speeds are for their sites especially in relation to Google. While the following news from Google doesn’t say just how important it is as a ranking factor, it does show that Google finds it important enough to develop a service offering around it called Page Speed service.

TechCrunch reports

Page Speed Service is the latest tool in Google’s arsenal to help speed up the web. This service is also their most ambitious yet. When you sign up and point your site’s DNS entry to Google, they’ll enable the tool which will fetch your content from your servers, rewrite your webpages, and serve them up from Google’s own servers around the world. Yes, you read all of that correctly.

Almost Three Quarters of Online Adults Visit Video-Sharing Sites

When was the last time you watched a video on YouTube or other video-sharing site? If you said, “yesterday,” then you’re in line with 28% of internet users. 71% of online adults said they have visited a video-sharing site at some point and that includes an equal number of men and women.

These new numbers from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, show that video-sharing site usage is growing, to the tune of a 38 point increase since they first studied the beast back in 2006.

The study shows usage across the board from 18 to over 65, all levels of education and income but on a typical day, the majority player is 18-29, non-white, in an urban or suburban setting. Rural users, however, have shown the biggest growth in the past year, which is probably due to increased internet access, including mobile phone access.

Daily Facebook Posting Increases Reach

On Facebook, brands are like short people in the center seat at a stadium during a rock concert. Even if they jump up and down or wear a moose hat on their heads, they might not get noticed. There is simply too much input going on in all directions, so unless a fan is looking their way, their clever messaging sign will probably go unread.

But according to a new white paper from comScore, continual jumping is important because it increases your chance of being seen by 2.5% per day.

The reason behind this is two fold. First, it is noted that Facebook users spend more time reading their newsfeed than doing anything else on the site. Only 27%, but it beats apps which shows up at only 10%. That means that more people are seeing brand messages on their own feed than they are on brand fan pages.

SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer Gets An Upgrade

Today SEOmoz, one of the leading providers of search marketing information from thought leadership to the tools of the Internet marketing trade, announced an update to their Open Site Explorer tool which was introduced in January of 2010. The upgrade was announced at MozCon 2011. The tool has been upgraded with a dramatically expanded page index as well as a push to uncover search’s holy grail: qualified links.

SEOmoz co-founder and CEO, Rand Fishkin, just returned from Sao Paulo where he was a speaker at Expon and he took a few minutes to discuss with us the Open Site Explorer upgrade, his views on the Internet marketing industry as a whole and even handed out some kudos to others in the industry who are moving the needle forward.

Facebook for Business Page Appears

Facebook has obviously been watching and taking notes regarding what has taken place with Google+ and brand pages (no matter how inane the whole thing was / is). As a result, it looks like someone at the social network cried down from the mountain to “Tell the Facebook for business story, now!”

The result? The Facebook for Business page which was introduced yesterday. Don’t get all panicky. There’s literally nothing new here. It just appears that in a fit of “Uh, shouldn’t all this information be in one easy place for people to get at?” Facebook has just aggregated the information already in existence into one place so it can be better understood. The video that appears on the “site within a site” was originally posted over a year ago. Here’s the page

Getting the Most From Affiliate Summit East – An Interview with Shawn Collins

Editor’s Note: Occasionally we will give our readers a look at various events that one of our writers will be attending. We have no connection to this event other than this post to inform you about the opportunity that exists for futher online marketing education and networking.

Affiliate Summit East is just around the corner (August 21-23) in New York and there’s no time like the present to plan your conference strategy. Who better to give you tips on getting the most out of Affiliate Summit than co-founder and conference organizer, Shawn Collins?

Shawn agreed to answer a few of my questions about how to maximize your time at ASE so I could share them with you, our awesome Marketing Pilgrim readers. Enjoy :)

Mobile Gaming: Highest Revenue Comes from the Least Number of Players

Freemium – it’s a hybrid of free and paid and it’s all the rage in mobile gaming. Try the game for free, play for free, but if you really like it, pay a few dollars for more levels, more detail or a virtual donkey. Who wouldn’t want a virtual donkey? Actually, a lot of people will pass on that offer but it doesn’t matter.

According to stats from Flurry, Freemium games generate more revenue than straight-on paid games and it does it in a surprising way. As you can see from the chart below, only 13% of consumers were responsible for more than 50% the revenue.