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Nice Work Online Marketers! Now You’re Killing the US Postal Service!

It wasn’t enough to help put the newspaper industry in its place was it? Nope!

Now, the online marketing industry has put the US Postal Service on the skids and the Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe is even predicting a very new look for mail delivery in 15 years or so. The following quote comes from an interview with USAToday

Asked about the long term, Donahoe said, “At some point, we’ll have to move to three” days a week of mail delivery, possibly in 15 years.

Yikes! So why are we reporting this? Well, we are called Marketing Pilgrim after all and it’s important for marketers to consider and fully understand how the best mix of effective traditional marketing techniques and the right online marketing options will help drive sales. Do you really believe that only the online space will be used for the foreseeable future? (Please say no).

Marketing Executives Talk Social Media Strategy Then Don’t Deliver

Maybe it’s simply marketers doing what they are most accused of when they talk about their products. You know the deal, hype the heck out of some aspect of a product or service to move it even though it may not deliver as promised. Not exactly a trust building way of doing business but if it creates good numbers for a quarter or two it’s a win, right?

What seems to be happening is that marketing executives are talking about creating social media strategy out of one side of their mouth while saying it’s not a priority out of the other. eMarketer reports

Google to Surfers: Let’s Get Small

This week’s “seriously?!?” moment, goes to the folks at Google who obviously spent some of their downtime listening to the classic Steve Martin stand-up skit, “Let’s Get Small.” That’s the only explanation I can find for this maneuver.

Google has purchased and will soon bring online Yes, In the near future, when you type, you will be taken to a Google page. No one knows what page, but it will be a page in the Google family, so you know that you’ll be well taken care of.

Why? Because is too hard for people to remember. It has too many letters, not to mention that pesky “m” at the end. It’s going to be much easier for people to remember to type (because unlearning to type an “m” after co is so simple) and then from there, they can navigate to where ever they really want to be.

Half of All Marketers Say Mobile is an Integral Part of the Plan

Mobile advertising isn’t a slam dunk yet, but according to a new survey commissioned by IAB, it’s already become an integral part of the plan for 51% of brand marketers.

The study, “Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising” was conducted by Ovum and the results were presented at the “Mobile in the Mainstream…and as the New Main Screen” conference yesterday in NY.

Of the marketers who weren’t completely on the mobile bandwagon yet, 35% said they were “experimenting” with the medium, while 14% are still wandering through the landscape.

Top reasons for going mobile:

  • Immediacy (considered of high importance by 57% of respondents)
  • Cost-effectiveness (54%)
  • Increased engagement (52%)

The downside to mobile advertising:

  • Device fragmentation (cited by 72% of respondents as a challenge of medium or high importance)

Google Heads Texas Sized Push to Get SMB’s Online

This one is pretty interesting just due to the sheer scope of the idea. I haven’t seen the latest statistics of what percentage of SMB’s still don’t have a website (used to be in the 50% range surprisingly enough). This kind of effort from Google, however, shows that something must be there. If there isn’t “gold in them thar hills!” it’s not likely Google is getting near it, right?

So check out the Texas Get Your Business Online effort and let us know what you think.

Thanks to Linda Buquet of Catalyst eMarketing for bringing this to our attention.

Internet Marketing Jobs Are Hot This Summer!

Are you sweltering like many of us through this heat wave? Well, it is summer in the states after all.

Here at Marketing Pilgrim, though, we want you to pay attention to other things that are hot like the Internet marketing and social media marketing jobs market. Our Internet marketing job board is a great mix of more traditional marketing opportunities and those that are more online centric. As we all know the lines are blurring rapidly between the two worlds so opportunities exist that never did in the past.

Here are just a few to consider:

Marketing Specialist / Graphic Designer – 4WARD Financial Marketing – Virginia Beach, VA

Corporate Communications Manager – Red Hat – Raleigh, NC

Digital New Media Campaign Director – SEIU – Detroit, MI