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The following post is from our SEO Channel Sponsor, Web CEO.

Web CEO Online is a new project from the Web CEO Team that developed the famous Web CEO desktop SEO software, a premium quality product for website optimization and promotion that boosted the SEO industry in 2001 and left the former champions far behind.

Web CEO Online has incorporated our best desktop software achievements and has added the features our users lacked in the desktop version. Web CEO Online is a web-based SEO solution in the cloud, so any person having access to the Internet can use it, regardless of their computer platform, and multiple users can logon to the same account at the same time from anywhere.

This web based offering is a toolkit that lets its users understand a website’s competitive position, improve performance and keep it up. It is designed to meet the SEO needs of professional marketers and small business owners with equal efficiency.

Professional SEO Campaigns Management

For an SEO specialist who wants an overview of all projects in her charge, Web CEO opens up as an SEO Dashboard serving site performance information from a birds-eye view. The Dashboard lists all the projects with charts and numbers. The user quickly understands if the site is doing well and if there are outstanding important and/or urgent tasks.

For the websites’ performance analysis, Web CEO Online users can add Google analytics reports and set up the ranking and backlink checking tools. The service boasts of the most advanced ranking checker in the industry – it lets our users view a few helpful presentations of a ranking report and also compare their rankings to those of competitors.


The shared reports and the web interface can be customized with a logo, header and footer; the color scheme of the interface can also be changed to suit your company’s colors. With Web CEO Online, our customers can run and email reports on a schedule (of course, the reports can be run and emailed manually too). We’ve also set up a separate site where our users can publish branded reports for their clients and give them personal access to those reports.

In addition, those marketing agencies that have their own standards for client reports can use the API to obtain the search engine rankings data (we’ll extend the API data coverage in the future.)

DIY SEO Toolkit & SEO Roadmap

On the other hand, Web CEO Online is definitely a DIY SEO toolkit. Website owners can use the service to optimize and promote their own websites, will easily access the Site Summary (the site-level dashboard) that provides a more detailed analysis of a site’s performance and also acts as an entry point to the tools and To Do lists.

The To Do lists include tasks and short instructions on how to fulfill the task. Users can find tasks related to keyword selection, on-page keyword population and page structure optimization, site information submission, link building, social media promotion and even advice on paid advertising.

The Web CEO Online SEO tools allow users to research keywords, check if the keywords are used properly on website pages (on-page optimization) as well as conduct website audits to find broken links and SEO errors.

Web CEO Online also has web promotion and link building tools. The submission tool can be used to submit many types of site content including a Sitemap, a blog, articles, press releases, an affiliate program, local business information, etc. The Buzz Tracker monitors mentions of your brand names and important keywords to deliver you only page URLs with on-going conversations related to your business, such as public forums, blogs and blog comments. In addition, the Partner Links tool checks if backlinks located on users’ partner sites remain as agreed, with proper link text and page quality.

This new service is designed to help the SEO professional and DIY practitioner be more efficient and productive. Of course, seeing is believing so check it out today!

About the author

Marina Savenkova is the Director of Advertising at Web CEO Corp. Web CEO has been a developer of top SEO software since 2001.

The views expressed in this post are that of the author and not necessarily of Marketing Pilgrim.

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  • Ruth Grill

    Nice pictures, but no functionality though 🙁

    I prefer to stay with my SEO Powesuite software – the best tool I’ve seen out there

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