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Marketers have long had a love / hate relationship with StumbleUpon. The site is known for sending large quantities of traffic to your webpages and if you become a SU favorite, the numbers will go through the roof. The downside is that StumbleUpon traffic rarely stays more than a few seconds and doesn’t usually convert.

So, for those of you who like to keep your bounce rate in check, stop reading. For the rest of you, onward we go to StumbleUpon’s new iPad upgrade. The new interface makes it easy to swipe through page after page, leave your thumbs up or down vote and even comment. It’s also more social with easy share buttons and connections to your SU friends. They also upgraded the smartphone app with a friends bar that shows which of your friends also liked the site.

The most important feature of the StumbleUpon iPad app is that it’s portable. Don’t laugh at me. Yes, I know that all things for the iPad are portable, that’s the point. But think this through. StumbleUpon is a time waster (and I mean that in the nicest way). It’s more of a game than a utility. You use it when you have time to kill, not when you’re looking for the best website on a given topic. It’s a boredom buster which means it’s perfect for killing time while waiting for an appointment, or a bus or to keep you from looking lonely when you’re having lunch alone at a restaurant.

My point here is, don’t count StumbleUpon out as a marketing tool. They even have a blog for marketers full of great pointers on how to use the service.  Sure, they’d like you to use their paid discovery program, but if you don’t have the bucks for that, just use the service like anyone else. Stumble your sites and other sites that support your brand.

All you’ve got to lose is your low bounce rate.

  • I think the problem for a long time, you gave me inspiration, thank you

  • some

    The application uploads the user’s addressbook to their server, without asking the user if he allows this. Like a trojan. Expect troubles.

  • I am not really sure. The newer tablets coming out might blast them right down. We shall see