Posted July 22, 2011 3:28 pm by with 1 comment

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Last week, I made a prediction that StumbleUpon was on the way up again as a useful tool in the online marketing arsenal. Now, they just did themselves one better with a feature called “Explore.”

Currently, the only option for discovering new pages is to choose a general category such as parenting or marketing. With Explore, you can drill down to a specific keyword like “strollers” or “email marketing software.”

The problem with StumbleUpon traffic is that it’s never been highly targeted so it results in a large number of junk hits. But with the Explore feature, the results are so much more relevant that they could actually turn into conversions.

The feature is currently being beta tested and it has some holes. As you type, you’re given choices in a drop-down. If your word or phrase doesn’t return any results, it won’t appear as an option and you can’t move forward. I searched the names of my favorite TV shows and got nothing, but when I typed in the names of the stars of those shows, the results were excellent. Cities also fared well, as did food items like Chocolate Chip Cookies.

With the Explore feature, StumbleUpon goes from being a fun, time waster to a useful search engine. How about that?

If you haven’t Stumbled your current blog post, web update or Facebook page, go do it now and you may be singing the praises of StumbleUpon come Monday morning.

  • Interesting post Cynthia. It would be even more interesting to see a follow up post in the next month to see if you have distinct benefits from StumbleUpon. I have not to date but would be interested in your results. Cheers!