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The DIY Guide To Infographics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it. Infographics are cool. They can take a lot of information and put it into a format that is often easier to understand and, even more often, just more fun to deal with.

Inofgraphics are rapidly becoming a marketing staple for companies of all sizes. Every business, from the multinational technology giant all the way to the corner ice cream shop, has information they can share with customers and prospects alike that will go a long way to helping that person connect with the business on a more meaningful level.

And, to be honest, people just like pictures. So while many love infographics, not nearly as many know how to make them. That’s why we have put together the DIY Infographic Production Guide infographic. Enough words already! Enjoy!


Voltier Creative

  • Jason Hamilton

    Hey great article/infographic, just a heads up on a small typo, DYI should be DIY

  • Gisele

    Awesome! Really useful, thanks :)

  • Frank Reed

    @benwills gets the alert reader award to help me change the title of the post to DIY instead of DYI.

    It seems as if when you try too much DIY like I can at times you end up DITY (doing it to yourself).

    Thanks, Ben.

    And to the rest of our readers feel free to publicly call me out on glaring typos. I turned in my “Typo Free” card long ago!

  • Ed Noles

    Awesome stuff – thanks for developing this. There’s a their/there typo on Step 2 d.