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The End of the Wallet? [Infographic]

Whenever I hear about these kinds of proclamations regarding the end of anything I go back to the bold prediction of the paperless society. Trees still cringe when they hear that one (which begs the question “If we say that to a tree in the forest does it mean it was said?” Think about it.)

Anyway, in our effort to bring you some interesting infographics from around the web we thought we would share this one from G+ (no not that one) via Mashable which looks at the future of the wallet. If smartphones have anything to do with it, it looks bleak for wallets and better for cows (that’s a reference to less leather being used, get it?).

Here is a preview. Be sure to click through to see the rest of the infographic.

Voltier Creative

  • Joshua Dorkin

    We’re in a brave new world . . .