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Since the invention of the calculator watch, it’s always been noted that men are more comfortable with tech than women. Well, not anymore. New research for Women at NBCU shows that 75% of women disagree with that statement and they have the online presence to prove it.

The survey shows that on social networking sites, women have more brand friends and social friends. “They check their profiles four or more times each day and spend 3.3 hours online daily for non-work related activities.”

Other results include:

  • Proliferation of flash sales: 87% of women prefer a one-day deep discount to a moderate weeklong sale.
  • Privacy: An overwhelming 91% of respondents would give their email for a discount, 50% are willing to give their phone number, and 25% would share their GPS location.
  • Word-of-mouth: A significant 71% get their recommendations from online friends, as opposed to review websites.
  • Customer Service: 61% of women say they expect to hear back from brands within a day or less, while 38% of women expect brands to update their profile page daily, which is as frequently as they update their own.

NBCU calls this rise in tech usage by women a “game changer” when it comes to marketing.

Melissa Lavigne-Delville, VP of Trends and Strategic Insights, Integrated Media at NBCUniversal says,

“Three-quarters of the female population is online and their increasingly passionate and widespread consumption of digital is shaping this ever-evolving space. As this growing number of digitally-dependent women alters the landscape in unexpected ways, marketers need to react in real-time – super-serving her with highly curated and relevant content, products and information.”

One of the biggest shifts is in the area of mobile. Smartphone usage is slightly higher for women but take a look at the gaming numbers:

Owns a gaming app: 75% Women, 67% Men
Owns a Wii: 44% Women, 41% Men

If you’re working with a tech product, or using social media and / or mobile for marketing (that should include just about everyone reading this piece), you need to think about how women figure into your plan. And it may not be enough to have a generic campaign aimed at either of the sexes. A campaign designed specifically to suit the needs of women might be just what you need to boost sales.

The NBCU survey did find that the internet was extremely important to both sexes. Along with sleep, it was one of the three things they couldn’t live without for a month. The third thing? For women, it was a shower. For men, it was sex. Go figure.