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“To the thousands upon thousands of businesses that applied to be a part: THANK YOU! We won’t be able to accommodate everyone, but your interest has got us very focused on accelerating our development plans”

And then Christian Oestlien of Google+ follows with, we’re taking down the business application on Friday, July 15, and we’re still “actively” shutting down business profiles on the network. So basically, forget marketing your business on Google+.

Or not.

Yesterday, I got an invite from a mysterious soul (thank you kind sir) and I took my first steps into this wonderous new world. I spent a half hour poking around then threw up my hands and said, “huh?”

What I found were a lot of empty profiles and confused people. When I scanned the list of players (not an easy task, mind you), I discovered that a large portion of them had tech and media companies under their names. I did see someone from Shakey’s Pizza, so there is some diversity in the crowd.

Because the profiles are all name plus employment as a means of identifying the members it looks more like LinkedIn than Facebook. So how can they turn around now and say no businesses need apply. They have applied. Their CEO’s are running all over the joint. Are they forbidden from talking about business on their personal profiles?

I don’t know where Google is going with this, but right now, Google+ lacks any kind of personality. Surely that will change when more people use it on a daily basis and those exciting business profile plans appear.

Then again. . . maybe not. MySpace is starting to look better and better.

  • I asked for an invite but I am still waiting. Doesn’t sound like I am missing much.

  • I’ve created my account for Google + by my friends invitation. But is it possible to create this account with a new gmail account and without any invitation?
    Please confirm me.

  • From my perspective it would be quite refreshing to have a social network purely focused on people. If they get the people aspect right, then they can accommodate businesses in the future, if need be.

    I know I’m not signing up to G+ to connect with businesses. I want to build relationships with real people. If these people are owners/marketeers of businesses, this is cool too, but the relationship would be with the person, not the business.

    • Cynthia Boris

      This is where they’re sitting right now – it feels like a business conference to me, but maybe that’s because the system automatically pushes me toward other marketing and tech companies because that’s where I fall.

      I tried clicking on random people and then looking at who they follow but the very fact that “employment” is the subheader for all names is what’s odd to me if they’re making a “social” not “business” network

  • Erin

    That is weird, almost none of the people in my circles have employment under their names. I mean you can put anything there. It just asks you to put in something about yourself.