Posted July 8, 2011 8:32 am by with 3 comments

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This is one of those ‘it’s not a surprise but it’s still a surprise statistics’. It feels sometimes to us inside the Internet marketing space that with how massive online is, it must be as big as TV, right?

Well, according to this chart from SAI’s Chart of the Day that’s not even close to true by a wide margin.

This kind of perspective is good to remember because it reminds us that people still watch TV a lot (probably too much) and that shift to the online world while happening is happening at a pace that many may find hard to believe.

So how are working to get those TV dollars moved over to the online side of the ledger?

  • Frank J

    Wait, is this the same Barclays from this segment on CNBC getting hammered by the Editor of Ad Week because of cord cutting? If so, this report is near worthless, their talking out of their A$$… ; )

  • I’m not surprised at this. When you add in the cost of special event advertising like Super Bowl ads it can really skew the averages. An aside, I’m an affiliate for some products that are advertised on TV by the manufacturer, and that has worked very well for me. People see the TV ad, google more information and find my review site. I don’t have to pay for advertising and get rewarded!

    • kathy

      advertisement without a doubt increases sales and i think they should focus more on doins ads at online tv softwares. i heard more and more people are being hooked into it. my friend intoduced me to where i can watch tv shows from different countries. i think that is a good place to do some ads.