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Watch Out! Google’s Chrome Creeping Upward In Browser Share

If I didn’t know better I might say that Google is beginning to turn the massive search only ship around quite a bit in the recent past.

Of course, it would be in their best interest to have a few more areas of success to keep the regulatory spotlight shining less brightly on their search dominance.

The latest information comes from NetMarketShare (hat tip to @btabke). Note that this data has not been checked by Quality Assurance according to the NMS site but, hey, that’s never stopped a blogger from reporting the cold, hard ‘facts’ in the past ;-).

Here’s the picture version

And for you folks who like numbers here is more information

So what’s it all mean? It just means that while everyone talks about Facebook being the beginning and end all for just about everything, Google is simply going about its business of having some share of every piece of a person’s productive time.

So which is more valuable: Owning the online equivalent of water cooler talk (social media) or helping everyone get work done THEN getting to share it as well?

  • Simon Yohe


    Check out this graph…. much better representation of how Google Chrome has grown over the past 2 years.
    (that link is for worldwide, but you can easily change it to US and see similar numbers)

    Google is really smart about this…. get people to use the browser, and then get to push new features/add ons that make it an even better browser.

  • Catalunya

    Given how entrenched users are and how saturated the browser marketspace is, that’s an extremely impressive stat.